Powermatic 1300TX-CK Black Limited Edition
Black Onyx Dust Collector

This was a limited production run, no more will be available.

Powermatic 1300TX-CK are available at www.pmctool.com

Powermatic 1300TX-CK Dust Collector with Canister

Powermatic came up with a redesign of their dust collectors this year just in time for the 90th Anniversary Black Onyx Series. The new collector now uses a TurboCone to separate chips from dust inside of the machine, therefore prolonging the life and use of the dust collector.

For a limited time only, PowermaticBlack.com is offering the Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Onyx Series


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$849.99 with FREE SHIPPING


So what is the TurboCone?

Although we don't have any actual video of the Powermatic TurboCone, we can explain it using a short video from JET about the Vortex Cone. JET is a brand of WalterMeier as well is Powermatic and a similar technology is used on the Powermatic Dust Collector TurboCone.

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So what is Powermatic Black?

Do you also offer the regular Gold Versions of these tools?

How much will the Powermatic 90th Anniversary tools be?

What tools will be available in the Limited Edition 90th Anniversary line?

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When will the Limited Edition Black Onyx tools be available?

Where will Powermatic Black Onyx tools be available?

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